Premier Window Tint - Las Vegas
Premier Window Tint – The best auto window tint in Vegas near to you.

What is Window Tint?
Window tinting is a simple process in which a transparent sheet of film is applied to the inside of a vehicle’s windows,to reduce radiation and heat from the sun. The thickness of the film and the material from which it is made can vary. Window Tint can protect a vehicle in many different ways.

What are the benefits of Window Tint?
Blocks UV Radiation, Reduce Heat, Increased Safety, Increased Air-Conditioning Efficiency, Reduce Interior Fading and Cracking, Reject Up to 99% Harmful Uv Rays and Reject Up To 70% Heat from Sun.

Is Window Tint Legal in Vegas?
Yes, with the next specifications:
Windshield: Non-Reflective Tint is allowed above the manufacture’s AS-1 Line.
Front Side Windows: Must allow 35% of light in.
Back Side Windows: Any darkness can be used.
Rear Window: Any darkness can be used.

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